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The ENMU Runnels Gallery is hosting the annual New Mexico and West Texas Art Educator Exhibition

The gallery strongly believes that art educators help to elevate all students' creative explorations, understanding of different materials and processes, and the understanding of historical and social implications of art.

Most importantly, art educators provide their students with a classroom environment in which they can explore their own personal mode of expression and are only limited by how far their imagination will take them.


Any New Mexico or West Texas public or private school art teacher or individuals who offer professional art lessons to individuals 18 years of age or younger are eligible to enter the Runnels Gallery Art Educator Exhibition.

Important Dates:

May 31: Deadline to submit intention to participate

June 28: Deadline to deliver artwork

Aug 2: Public Reception

Prepare your art students for a new art world. 

In the contemporary art world, new media pushes the boundaries of making to include computer generated art. Learn to make computer generated art with Processing, a free programming tool for graphic arts. Bring computer science into the art class. This course will cover the basics of the Processing computer programming language. Taught by artist, art educator, and UNM MFA student, Amy Traylor, whose exhibited work builds on Programming, an artist's coding language first developed by MIT.

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