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Call for Entries: 2021NMAEA Member Exhibition 2021 at UNM Masley Gallery

The 2021 NMAEA Member Exhibition is open to all current members of the New Mexico Art Education Association. Members can submit up to two works for consideration; please submit artwork created after 2016 and that has not in a previous member exhibition. Submissions need to represent the artist’s original creative efforts and cannot be a direct copy of another artist’s work. Please do not submit work copied from published photographs, magazines, book illustrations, online images, or other publishing sites; please do not submit work if there is uncertainty to the original source of the work’s imagery.

Important Dates

7.1.21: Online Submissions Open 8.9.21 11PM: Online Submissions Deadline 8.11.21: Notice of Participation (emailed by exhibition organizers) 8.15.21 10AM-2PM and 8.16.21 9AM-5PM: Drop-Off Artwork at UNM's Masley Gallery 8.23.21: Exhibition Opens 9.29.21 6PM: Closing Reception at Masley Gallery 9.29.21: Exhibition Closes (pick-up work after reception or during gallery hours by week’s end)

How to Submit Artwork Entries

Members can submit artwork entries by completing the online submissions form: Members can also access the online submission form through the following QR Code:

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