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Got Your Number: Advocate for Arts Careers with Big Survey Data

Perusing the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research's SNAAP reports satisfies the geeky science guy in me. It's not as massive as a national census, but it's big. The sheer numbers of surveys collected suggests the information they produce can be a good description of what's really happening in arts careers and even a reliable guide for the next generation. Thanks, NMAEA President-elect Justin Makemson, for alerting us to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project, Tracking the Lives and Careers of Arts Graduates. Through their surveys of thousands of graduates of arts programs we can actually begin to talk to our students realistically about their future and help them envision how it can center on creative work in the arts.

Please check out their latest informative advocacy video, and let me know what age of your students might be empowered by the new information.

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