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Merge: VSA Emerging Young Artists Program Shapes the Future

Updated: May 2, 2021

This call invites artists to consider the intersections and combinations of their creative process and disability identity. In art, the juxtaposition of ideas can blur distinctions or reveal something new. This year’s exhibit theme, Merge, explores uniting paths and asks what we can learn when it all comes together. . . The VSA Emerging Young Artists Program, a Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program, amplifies the voices of emerging artists with career development and professional empowerment.

The shared vision of artists with disabilities has the power to transform our world in exciting ways. NMAEA supports equity and justice for artists of all abilities to develop to their greatest potential in school, museum, university, and community art education programs. Join us in promoting this opportunity for artists with disabilities living in the United States, ages 16-25.

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