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NM Scholastic Art Awards 2022

Submission Window Closes Dec. 10, 2021

"See how easy it isn't?" - Coach Tom Martinez

Art educators and mentors around the region are igniting in young people a deep desire to grow as artists. The psychology of "ignition" traces the intense motivation to take on a challenge to an early identification with art and extraordinary commitment to learning. It certainly takes commitment to enter contests year after year, often facing what seems like rejection and failure, yet to persist and come out ahead, a celebrated young artist with recognized drive and potential.

I admire and respect the art educators who have ignited an art spark in learners, and who have honed their own craft of coaching and mentoring young artists.

What does ignition get you as a learner? It points you to the next challenge in your learning journey. It's absolutely essential as a motivation to steer you towards difficult tasks and through the tests and past the obstacles. And once you have that, it can be very rewarding. So why settle for easy?

Hundreds of the learners I'm talking about enter the New Mexico Scholastic Art Awards every year, and scores of the art educators coach them through it. When will you join them?

Young artists ages 13-18, click here to create a student account and start to upload your artwork.

  • Architecture & Industrial Design

  • Ceramics & Glass

  • Comic Art

  • Design

  • Digital Art

  • Drawing & Illustration

  • Editorial Cartoon

  • Expanded Projects

  • Fashion

  • Film & Animation

  • Jewelry

  • Mixed Media

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Printmaking

  • Sculpture

  • Art Portfolio (graduating seniors only)

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