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NMAEA Conference Proposals DUE 6.15.22

The deadline for Fall 2022 NMAEA Conference (November 4-6) proposals is June 15– There are only eight more days to polish up those proposal ideas. You can find the online proposal form here.

We are looking for conference workshops/presentations covering diverse topics, and workshops/presentations can take on equally diverse formats– The University of New Mexico (Albuquerque) will host the state conference, so we will have studio spaces, galleries and museums, classrooms, and seminar rooms to support just about any idea you can come up with for your workshop/presentation. Did you do something extraordinary with your students this past semester? Have you researched or read a book on something you just can't stop thinking about? Is you latest artwork on exhibit somewhere and you are looking to talk to someone about it? Do you plan to restructure your teaching in the coming semester based off something you learned from a newly-encountered thinker, maker, material, or technology? In short, we want to hear about YOUR experiences, YOUR expertise, and YOUR explorations at the upcoming conference.

Please do not wait to submit your proposals, and (as always) reach out to your division representative if you are looking for help or advice on the proposal process. Last month we announced that New Mexico's own Agnes Chavez of STEMarts LAB will be delivering the keynote address at the state conference; please consider reading more on Chavez's incredible record of teaching, making, and collaborative experiences here.

Please also take a minute to fill out this short questionnaire to help us determine the registration process and price points for the upcoming state conference. Your participation is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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