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NMAEA Leadership Team Feature: Melissa DeMaagd (Elementary Division Representative)

NMAEA begins 2022 with one of the most-complete leadership teams in years– We hope to feature new members of the team in coming month. First, we welcome Melissa DeMaagd in the role of NMAEA's Elementary Division Representative:

Melissa (she/her) is an art educator with the Albuquerque Public Schools Fine Arts Program for the last eight years. She is a mentor teacher through the APS Mentor Program as well as a cooperating teacher for UNM. She believes creating art allows you to be human and enables a unique medium of self-expression. She loves weaving and spending time outdoors hiking, cycling and climbing. She got her masters in Art Education at UNM in 2015.

She is excited about her new position as NMAEA Elementary Division Representative and looks forward to connecting with other elementary art educators across the state.

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