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Points in favor of arts education

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Why is an education in the arts essential? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Multiple studies prove that arts education increases academic performance in many areas and increases cognitive ability

  • The arts are a essential for many students' motivation

  • The arts have a unique opportunity to be able to teach difficult topics and make them more understandable and relatable by making them visual, musical, or movement based

  • Arts education boosts critical thinking and teaches students to carefully observe before reaction

  • Arts education teaches problem solving skills and creative solution finding, which is especially essential given that technology is changing and evolving so quickly

  • In a 2010 study in Missouri, arts education has shown to decrease disciplinary issues and increase attendance

  • Arts education encourages students to participate community events

  • It gives students a place where they feel like they belong

Please take a moment to get your NM legislators' contact information and send an email to tell them why you think the arts are so important in school.

Interested in advocating further? Here are collections of studies that support the arts in schools. Knowledge is power!

ArtsEdSearch is the nation’s hub for research on the impact of arts education.

Browse research focused on the outcomes of arts education for students and educators or enter key words in the search box below.

The Center for Fine Arts Education Inc. is a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of The Florida Music Education Association developed to consolidate management services and provide advocacy and support for non-profit fine art education associations, organizations, and projects.

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