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UNM Supports Promising Young Artists

University of New Mexico, Fine Arts is thrilled to announce our inaugural Spring 2021 Promising Artist Awards (PAA).

This opportunity is open to all of New Mexico’s talented high school Juniors and Seniors, creating in all disciplines of fine arts: musical solo of any style or genre, music composition, painting, drawing, filmmaking, theatre, dance, sculpture, art criticism, printmaking, photography, dramatic writing, and more!

The submission deadline is Friday, March 19, 2021. All submissions will be reviewed and selected by UNM Fine Arts. The students selected to participate will receive a notice on April 7, 2021.

Each student will receive a certificate of distinction and a special invitation to a virtual visit of UNM Fine Arts on April 21, 2021. Special scholarship prizes will be awarded to a select few PAA participants who enroll in UNM Fine Arts, up to $250 per freshmen semester. During this virtual visit, they will receive one-on-one developmental advice on their submitted work and helpful information on pursuing an education in the arts, by an outstanding UNM faculty member in their area of interest. These faculty members are nationally and internationally regarded as leaders in their disciplines.

To be considered, please click this link to fill out the submission form and upload a video, image, or paper of your work that demonstrates your abilities and pursuits.

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