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NMAEA in #'s


NMAEA was established in 1972.


NMAEA has 24 Past Presidents. Michelle St. Andre is our Current Past President.


NMAEA is 169 members strong and growing. Recruit a colleague to join today. Click here.


NMAEA has 8 Executive Office meetings,  4 Advisory Council meetings and 1 members meeting a year. Members always welcome to all meetings and minutes are posted.


NMAEA has 5 Regions with each having a Regional Representative. Click here for more information.

Vision Statement

The NMAEA will strive to unify, encourage and support art educators through professional development, leadership, service, and research to support personal and professional growth. We will promote quality instruction in visual arts education by certified art teachers; encourage research in art education; hold public discussions; sponsor workshops and conferences; offer grant opportunities; publish articles and reports; and work with other related agencies in support of visual arts education in our state and across the country.

Mission Statement

The mission of the New Mexico Art Education Association is to advance and enhance high quality, licensed art education within our state by offering professional development, leadership and service opportunities for its members.

Constitution and Bylaws

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