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The 2022/2023 Theme: “Your Art, Your Voice”


YAM Museum Artwork Gallery: New Mexico Display Panel 

National Art Education Conference (NAEA)

NM Artwork selections are displayed at the annual NAEA Conference. All works selected represent New Mexico, alongside selections from all 50 states! 

YAM Flag Contest: New Mexico 

National Art Education Conference (NAEA)

The CFAE's signature event is their Flag contest for each state.  NM Flag Contest Grand Prize Winner's artwork is created as a 3 x 5 foot flag, and displayed at the annual CFAE's YAM Showcase at the NAEA Conference, located in Vendor Hall. The Grand Prize state flag represents New Mexico, alongside flag design winners from all 50 states! 

2022-23 Flag Entry Form & Student Release Form

Deadline Tuesday, March 28 2023


Youth Art Month is a celebration of the visual arts! 

This national program is celebrated in NM through our Art and Flag contests.


However, all student exhibitions, public artworks, art festivals, and school events raise awareness and support of the visual arts to:

  • local and state education officials​

  • business and community leaders​

  • state and federal legislators

Blick AM_redpaint(1).jpg

Blick Art Materials generously sponsors our Youth Art Month Contest and provides prizes for winners.

Youth Art Month History

  • The Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) is an international association of more than 200 art, craft and creative material manufacturers seeking to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program, which works to protect students, artists and creatives of all kinds pursuing their passion.

  • ACMI created Children’s Art Month in 1961 as an event to emphasize the value to children from participating in visual art education.


  • In 1969 the celebration expanded to include secondary school students, and the Children’s Art Month event officially became known as Youth Art Month.

  • In 1984, ACMI created the non-profit organization, The Council for Art Education (CFAE), to advocate for visual art education.  CFAE coordinates the Youth Art Month program at the national level. 

  • While Youth Art Month typically occurs in March, local and state events celebrating visual art education take place on almost a year round basis!  Events and fundraisers take place in schools, libraries, art centers, museums, and even state capitol buildings.

Congratulations 2021 YAM Contest Winners

Elementary Division First Place Winner, Arianna Galvez

Chamisa Elementary School, LAPS (Teacher Renee Mitsunaga).

Middle School First Place Winner, Sofia Kunz

El Dorado Community School, SFPS (Teacher Roni Rohr).

Grand Prize Winner, Jeanie Vo
Del Norte High School, APS (Teacher Nikki Turman).

Congratulations 2020 YAM Category Winners

One winner in each category below will be awarded an assortment of art supplies worth $100.  The art teachers will receive an assortment of classroom art supplies worth $300.

Elementary First Place Winner Kena W.,  6th grade

Chamisa Elementary School, LAPS (Teacher: Renee Mitsunaga)

Middle School First Place Winner Eden H., 8th grade

Public Academy for Performing Arts, Albquerque (Teacher: Juliette Beck)

 High School First Place Winner Kiana L., 12th grade

Public Academy for Performing Arts, Albquerque (Teacher: Juliette Beck)

Grand Prize Winner Lilly McQuerry

V. Sue Cleveland HS, Rio Rancho  (Teacher Michelle Sanchez St Andre)



Elementary Winner


Middle School


 High School Winner

All participating teachers will receive a “Gift of Participation” from Sargent Art.

Thank you very much!

YAM Flag Design:  Grand Prize Awardees                                                                                              

2022 Winner

2021 Winner

2020 Winner

2019 Winner

2018 Winner

2021 Grand Prize Jeanie Vo.jpg
2018 YAM.jpg

No Contest


(XXX, Teacher)

Jeanie Vo 

Del Norte HS

(Nikki Turman, Teacher)

Lilly McQuerry

V. Sue Cleveland HS

(Michelle Sanchez-St.Andre, Teacher)

Katie Fox

V. Sue Cleveland HS

(Michelle Sanchez-St.Andre, Teacher)

Jeanie Vo 

Del Norte HS

(Nikki Turman, Teacher)

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